Probiophage DF™ 60 capsules


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Product Description

Product Overview

  • Probiophage DF is a prebiotic and probiotic combination. It uses bacteriophages, which are good viruses that go and infect bacteria that you don’t want, allowing good bacteria to grow.
  • Combined with probiotics, which are great for promoting good bacteria in the gut, this makes a supplement ideal for improving the environment in your gut.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Essentially, this supplement allows the good bacteria to grow by removing the unwanted bacteria, resulting in a healthier gut.
  • This product uses a delay-release capsule, so the ingredients can get to the intestine without interference from stomach acid.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

This is a dairy-free formula, so this benefits any dairy allergies or insensitivities, often probiotics use dairy products, so this is a great dairy-free choice.

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