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Product Description

Product Overview 
  • Probiotics are natural bacteria that can benefit your health, it is important we get the right bacteria so that we maximise our health in a number of areas. 
  • Probiotics are known for their ability to help digest and breakdown nutrients, support the immune system, improve gut health, eliminate bad bacteria and restore bacteria after a house of antibiotics.
  • Almost 70% of our immune system is connected with the GI tract, by improving the range of bacteria in the gut we can help our immune system as well as gas, bloating or stomach pains.
Key Ingredients and Benefits
  • Almost everyone can benefit from a probiotic since it will set up a better environment for the gut. More specifically, it can be something to consider if you have stomach or digestive issues (gas, bloating, or stomach pains in response to particular foods). 
  • For body composition (both losing fat and gaining muscle), it is important to absorb the nutrients you eat and remove toxins, which is something that probiotics are capable of doing. 
  • Probiotics would be great after being given a course of antibiotics, this is because antibiotics tend to eliminate most kinds of bacteria as opposed to selectively removing the bad bacteria. So it is important to rebuild the good bacteria up with a probiotic. 
  • This supplement includes strains of bacteria which are particularly capable of passing through the intestines, which means they can actually work where they need to and not be removed by stomach acid. 
Recommended Usage and Guidelines It would be worth rotating between probiotics, so taking Designs for Health then switching to another brand, this way you are exposed to as many strains of good bacteria as possible.  The suggested serving is 1 capsule per day with a meal.
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