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Product Description

Product Overview

  • LibidoStim-F is a supplement to help female sexual desire by improving hormonal balance, blood flow and adrenal function.
  • It uses both herbal and pharmacologically made ingredients to support women sexual drive.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • If you find your sex drive is lower than normal, potentially from the stress of lifestyle factors, then this would be something to consider to boost libido.
  • It is important that the adrenal glands are working properly in order to manage stress better and also to manage testosterone which is actually needed in small amounts for women.
  • This could also be used for women who are trying to become pregnant since the DHEA included in the supplement is known to help improve chances of pregnancy. While ingredients Damiana and Chrysin help regulate the balance of estrogen and testosterone, which will, in turn, help your libido. Several other ingredients will help blood flow and also general health, for example, Chinese Ginseng.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Designs for Health recommend 2 capsules per day.

*If you have hirsutism or PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) then you must consult your doctor for advice on whether to use this supplement.  

Again please consult a doctor or specialist to consider the use of this supplement for you as an individual. 

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