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Product Description

Product Overview 

  • Inflammatone uses several high-quality anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Turmeric Trans-Resveratrol and Ginger Extract alongside several enzymes and anti-oxidants, all of which make this supplement easily digestible and available to the body to support it.
  • Inflammation is a response from the body to something that is harmful in some way, this includes a wide scope of things from environmental toxins to bacteria and even to bodyfat.
  • Inflammation can be short or long term, with short term inflammation being related to shorter lasting events (such as a hard training session or a small injury), while chronic inflammation is more disease-related and is bad for your health.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Reducing inflammation can help with numerous things in the body:
  • Fat loss – with increasing levels of body fat comes more inflammation, so to be in a good state to lose fat you need to lower inflammation.
  • Liver health – inflammation reduces liver function and can lead to diseases of the liver if not managed, so to keep our body’s main detoxification (cleaning) site in good order, we need to control inflammation.
  • General health and ageing – inflammation can lead to damage within the body and as we age we need to protect ourselves from any damage which could occur to our cells.
  • Joint health – our joints take impact every day from walking to working out, sometimes we may get joint pain and in which case reducing inflammation may help to alleviate some pain in combination with managing your training properly. This would be a very useful supplement if you play an impact-based, collision or repetitive load-bearing sport (e.g rugby or long-distance running) and need to support joint health.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

2 capsules per day are the suggested dose, however, this will depend on your levels of inflammation and so on, for a specific guide to dosages please consult a practitioner to assess your needs.

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