Detoxification Support Packets


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Product Description

Product Overview 

  • Detoxification is an important process for your body to go through, we are surrounded by toxins in our environment every day and to be in our best health our bodies need to be able to remove toxins effectively.
  • Toxins may come from air pollution, polluted water containing heavy metals, non-organic foods which are sprayed with chemicals, and many other sources such as plastics and alcohol.
  • Detoxification Support Packets are designed to give your body a wide range of nutrients it needs to be able to remove and deal with these toxins effectively.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Each packet contains numerous antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, amino acids and many more minerals to remove toxins and support the body in processing them.

Improved detoxification has numerous benefits:

  • Fat loss – our body fat stores toxins and toxins prevent us from losing body fat, therefore dealing with toxins is important to lose fat and also to remove toxins when fat stores release them.
  • Hormones – if we are exposed to toxins our hormones could be affected, for example, raised Estrogen, decreased Testosterone or disrupted Thyroid, these can impair our metabolism, fat loss, muscle gain, liver health and more.
  • Liver health – our liver is the main site to remove toxins from the body, therefore we need to limit how much toxic ‘load’ goes through this vital area.
  • Immunity – toxins can impair immune cells to remove bacteria and therefore disease and illness.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Each serving is 1 packet, and the package contains 60 packs, it is recommended to take 1 packet per day.

In combination with the packets, you could invest in a water filter, avoid alcohol, eat organic produce, and avoid BPA plastics, this will help to detoxify longer term and make the most of the detoxification packets.


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