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  • Chlorella is a type of algae which is single-celled, related to Spirulina, which is high in Chlorophyll giving it the strong green colour it has. Chlorenergy uses a strand called Chlorella Vulgaris, this is easily digestible and provides 4-5 times more Chlorophyll than spirulina. 
  • Chlorenergy was also found to be the best digested form of Chlorella by the Japanese Health and Nutrition Food Association. 
Key Ingredients and Benefits
  • Chlorella helps the body in several ways, firstly, it helps to detoxify by binding to heavy metals and helping extract them from the body, such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Heavy metals can come from the water you drink if it is not filtered or pure, or heavy metals could come from pollution in the atmosphere. 
  • Chlorella is also a good source of Vitamin B12, which helps with cellular energy production, red blood cell formation, memory and regulates homocysteine for heart health. 
  • Chlorella has also been found to increase immune proteins, and because it helps detoxify the body it will lower inflammation.
  • This would be a great addition as part of your fat loss strategy, by detoxifying and reducing inflammation this will help fat to be utilised and lost. 
  • Chlorella can also help with your gut health, by removing toxins and helping develop gut bacteria there is a better environment for digestion, absorption and bowel function.


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