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Featured Supplement: Essential Amino Acids

Here at CoActive Health Shop, we are a big believer in pre-workout nutrition (nutrition around workouts) as workouts offer a great opportunity to get nutrients into the body through enhanced insulin sensitivity (Muscles open themselves up for refuelling). Possibly the most beneficial supplement you can take around training is a quality amino acid complex. Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein and thus are a very digestible fuel source for the body. The main benefits to supplementing with amino acids are: Enhanced protein synthesis. It provides the fuel you need to build new muscle. Seeing as we break down muscle in the gym it makes sense to provide the fuel needed to rebuild muscle as efficiently as possible. Enhanced fat burning. In giving the body adequate protein this minimises muscle breakdown, also unlike whey protein you get a minimal insulin spike. This means if fat loss is your goal you’d be better served by an amino acid shake as opposed to a whey protein shake post-training. Enhanced recovery. Possibly the most important benefit to taking aminos are that they help you recovery faster from your workouts allowing you to train more frequently. The reduced DOMS ( muscle soreness) and faster replenishment can be the difference in being able to train 4 + x a week as opposed to 2-3 which we know makes a huge difference taken over weeks and months when it comes to results. We stock three different world-class brands of essential amino acids here at CoActive Health Shop: An important point to note is that both our brands also include electrolytes which play a crucial role in rehydrating the body post-training. To find out more on the benefits of Amino Acids please read this article. Browse Supplements

Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any nutritional & lifestyle changes or before taking any nutritional supplement. For more information, please view our terms and conditions.

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